SPEC Blog Post: Teena Health

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**NOTE: This is a SPEC piece inspired by a healthcare company that connects women to comprehensive, whole-person medical care. I wrote this to demonstrate my ability to write a blog post in the women’s health niche. (The name I have used for the company here, Teena Health, is fictional). The company that inspired this project has not requested or commissioned it.** 




Create a blog post for Teena Health, a fictional healthcare startup that connects women and AFAB people to whole-person healthcare. 


Raise awareness of how Teena is different than a standard doctor’s office and show prospective patients how to expect more from their healthcare. 




I wanted to create an empowering piece that would help women and AFAB people recognize healthcare red flags and stand up for themselves. 


I chose a value-forward approach and made sure to center the reader. While I did position Teena as a good solution to invalidating medical treatment, I was careful not to use any salesy or manipulative tactics (or to violate any marketing guidelines surrounding medical care). 


I matched the tone and style for the company that inspired Teena. I also included links to reputable sources to support my claims.


The target audience: Women who are beginning to question whether or not their current healthcare situation is working out for them. 


The goal: Touch on common concerns and red flags that many women encounter in the doctor’s office, explain why these patterns are problematic, and offer Teena as a better alternative. Connect with women who experience a lower standard of care or marginalization when they try to receive medical care. Include a CTA at the end to encourage membership. 


Include: Links to valid primary and secondary sources. 


Avoid: Language that implies guaranteed results. Deviating from the tone. Claims that are unverifiable or inaccurate. Offering direct medical advice.