Pilates of Pasadena - COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Letter

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Pilates of Pasadena is a Pilates and fitness studio located in Pasadena, CA. It is frequently included in “Best Of” business lists for Pasadena businesses, and it has a close-knit community of regular clients as well as newcomers.




Create a form letter to keep track of client COVID-19 vaccine verifications while maintaining a firm but friendly tone. 




-I started the letter by stating the new studio requirements in detail, including the steps clients would need to take in order to keep attending class in-studio. I made sure to put the deadline first so that it would be immediately noticeable. 


-Then, I softened things up and appealed to emotion by explaining why this policy would be good for the studio community and expressing gratitude for all the changes that clients had already made. 


-Next, I invited unvaccinated studio members to participate in virtual classes so that they would know that they are still included in studio offerings. 


-I ended the letter with a check box to verify that clients read and understood the letter and a signature section.