The Law Office of Mark F. Willimann

Project Overview:


**NOTE: While I did suggest that Mark make his website bilingual, I did not write the Spanish copy. A translator worked with me to make sure that the phrasing I chose would be easy to translate into Spanish.** 


-Re-write and update the Law Office’s home page and “Experience Counts” (About/Professional Bio) section, as well as two sections detailing the kinds of cases that Mark will accept. 


-Highlight the benefits of working with Mark, a conscientious criminal defense attorney who has empathy for his clients. 


-Share Mark’s background, detail his professional experience, and tell the story of the Law Office.


-Develop a caring but professional brand voice that represents Mark as a person and advocate. 


-Avoid heavy use of English idioms or any phrasing that would be difficult to translate into Spanish. 



-I used first-person statements to stay consistent with Mark’s down-to-earth, approachable image and help people feel like they’re having a conversation with him. 


-In the About/Experience Counts section, I used a storytelling approach to create emotional appeal and trust. 


-I maintained a compassionate but professional tone throughout the website and avoided any harsh language or “Legal-ese.”