Covergirl - SPEC

Scroll down for project description and strategy.

Graphic design by AJ Kincaid.

**DISCLAIMER: This is a “spec” piece, meaning that it was NOT requested or published by CoverGirl. I created this concept and wrote this piece from a pre-written creative brief as an example of a magazine ad for a major beauty brand.**


Project Description


Create a magazine ad for a fictional Covergirl product, Covergirl TrueYou True Match Lipstick. 


The product is a lipstick designed to match the wearer’s natural lip color for a shade that adds polish and definition but doesn’t look fake or heavy. It contains reflective pigments and moisturizing ingredients and can be worn daytime or evening. 


This ad is intended to reach makeup lovers 24-40 years old who are confident and enjoy using makeup to enhance their natural features and to look their best. 






I wanted to capture audience attention with a strong statement that appeals to the desire for natural beauty and pays the reader a compliment at the same time. 




Makeup enthusiasts often struggle to find lipsticks that blend in with their unique skin tones while maintaining a fresh, moisturized appearance. I wanted to immediately frame this as a solution to that problem and emphasize that TrueYou TrueMatch Lipstick is unique to each wearer. 




In the body copy, I used empowering language to list the features and benefits of the product that were included in the brief. I stayed true to the Covergirl brand voice, which is flirty, enthusiastic, and fun.