Service Description: Harmony Haven

NOTE: This is a “spec” project, done to exemplify how I would write for a high-end wellness resort. Harmony Haven Resort is a fictional company. 

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Harmony Haven is a fictional, four-star wellness resort that focuses on providing holistic services to an elite clientele.


One of the main problems Harmony Haven encounters is that clients often end up booked for services that don't suit them. This results in costly refunds and poor word-of-mouth recommendation.




Creating a full picture of what to expect from each spa service maximizes client satisfaction because it attracts guests who are already excited for what they’ve booked and know what to expect. 


A positive first experience is essential for a service re-book


Clients who are booked for great-fit services frequently spend outside their package to repeat the experience (especially if they feel connected to their provider). It raises revenue with no direct pressure or up-selling, and it creates a phenomenal draw to return to Harmony Haven Resort later. 


In addition, clients who book a best-fit service are unlikely to ask for a “comped” service or complain to management. 


This ends up saving Harmony Haven time and money, and it also raises the chances of positive word-of-mouth circulation between guests (in other words: bonus sales that happen automatically). 


This service description is formatted to be website-appropriate, but it is also a possible tool for the Itinerary Consultants (who help clients select services for their stay).



It might also be a good resource for the Spa Desk to have so that they can easily answer guest questions without having to ask management or the massage staff. (Again, saving time and resources).


Reiki Service Description Strategy


The main benefits most people receive from Reiki are a sensation of being connected to something greater and a feeling of well-being in their body. It is a very comforting, non-invasive experience. 


I wanted to highlight the benefits of Reiki, clarify what it feels like, and offer sensory benefits.

By explaining clearly that it is a light-to-no pressure service given without lotion or oil to a fully-clothed client, those seeking a traditional massage experience will know to book something else.

And by showcasing the spiritual and emotional benefits of Reiki, those who are interested will know that it's the right fit.


I was careful to avoid any language that promises a result, instead referring to what might happen and what other people have reported. 


I included a link to an alternative Harmony Haven Resort service for guests who have realized that Reiki might not be their preference.