The Busy Body Massage Clinic

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The Busy Body Massage Clinic is an independent, woman-owned massage business that provides high-quality customized massage and spa services in a down-to-earth studio environment. 


I was hired to re-write a fresh About Us page, a few re-worked staff bios, and updated service descriptions. 


(Note: I did not re-write the Home Page, and a few staff members declined to have their bios re-done).



-Entice prospective clients to book a custom massage or spa service with the Busy Body.




About Page: 


-I positioned The Busy Body as a great alternative to corporate-run massage chains or high-priced day spas in order to appeal to the target audience: people who want a grassroots, customized, affordable, and high-quality local massage experience. 


-I highlighted the deep benefits of custom massage work, including feeling seen and cared for as an individual and not having to pay extra for specialty modalities. 


-I established a friendly and polished brand voice. 


-I made sure to include a link to the service menu, as well as mentioning the Busy Body’s specials and perks. 


Staff Bios


-I demonstrated how each therapist’s unique skills allow them to fulfill their clients’ individual needs. (I worked with the information from their previous bios). 


-Instead of lumping each therapist’s specialties into the rest of their bio paragraph, I created a different bulleted section to help people choose a therapist at a glance.


-I also suggested to the owner that she include a great client testimonial with each therapist’s bio whenever possible, which she did. 


Service Descriptions: 


-I focused on sensory language so clients would have a positive and accurate idea of what each service feels like before they book. 


-For multi-step treatments with a variety of products, I described each step so that clients will know ahead of time what creams, scrubs, and soaks will be used on them.